Dancing Nachos Fathers Day

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This animated singing ecard begins with an envelope and when the flap opens up, a card pops up, 3 nachos appear on the card wearing sombreros, googly eyes, large black mustaches, they have stick arms and legs and just before the song begins, 2 more nachos appear at the bottom of the card. When the song begins, the card background changes into 3 tall beer glasses, one dark, one brown and one gold beer and each tall glass also have googly eyes, mouths with red lipstick, long eyelashes and hoop hearings. As they sing, they move side to side from their hips or mid-glass and the nachos dance around them in glee. As they sing and dance, a dad nacho with his son nacho wearing a beanie hat with a propeller stand next to a trophy with the words #1 Dad on it. Later in the song, we see the nachos as they speak and they also move side to side. At the end two of the beers appear at each side and a bowl with googly eyes and a large black mustache filled with guacamole appears ad the final banner appears with the words “happy father’s day”.
Dancing Nachos Fathers Day