Chocolate Shoppe Valentine

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This is an animated card which begins in front of a chocolate shop called souris (mouse in French) chocolatier where we see the lovely front of the shop as a lady dressed in a 19th century long dress, hat and holding a parasol walks in front of the shop. The scene moves inside the shop where a mouse dressed in a pastry chef outfit and hat slides a large chocolate container in a fire oven. Moving to another part of the shoppe, two mice standing on a tall shelf pour milk into a bowl on the table below where another mouse is stirring the mixture in the bowl. Another mouse with a white chef jacket and high chef hat dips a strawberry in a large chocolate bowl and puts it on a conveyor belt and as the strawberry travels the shoppe, we see a mouse with a beret standing on a roll of string, holding a paintbrush in front of large bowl of light pink chocolate and paints a heart on the strawberry going by as the mouse munches on a cherry. A red cardinal flies by and grabs the strawberry and on the next screen, it drops the chocolate strawberry in the middle of a heart shaped chocolate box filled with chocolates. On each side of the box are two blue birds and the top of the box comes down with two more blue birds flying it down and once the cover is on the box, the flying blue birds fly off screen. The next frame shows us the cardinal flying over and dropping see-through wrapping paper and on the next frame we see it wrapping itself around the chocolate box and the two blue birds fold a bow on the chocolate box and one more blue bird flies in with 3 pink roses and puts it on the top of the box. The final banner appears with the words happy Valentine’s Day.
Chocolate Shoppe Valentine