A Warm & Lovely Thanksgiving

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The card begins with a beautiful Autumn scenery with colorful maple trees and a path filled with sunshine. The words Thanksgiving is showing glorious colors appear on the screen. The scene fades out and moves onto a close up on a cardinal sitting on a holly branch as the words “easing us through the change of the season” appear under the cardinal. The scene fades out and next are 2 pumpkin shaped mugs steaming with a hot drink, a pumpkin shaped sugar bowl and 2 small beige pumpkins. The words “it’s the time of year to get cozy” appear on the screen. The screen fades out and next we see a beautiful cooked turkey with the words “and give thanks for the bounty surrounding us” appear. Next, a slice of berry pie on a plate appears with the words “filled with sweetness and joy”. Fading into a beautiful orange and yellow maple leaf with a hole in the middle in the shape of a heart on a yellow sparkling background. The final banner appears first with the words “Whether you are here today or far, far away” then fades out to make from for the final banner “wishing you a warm and lovely Thanksgiving”.
A Warm & Lovely Thanksgiving