Thanksgiving Pooches

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First frame of this Thanksgiving ecard shows a field with an old grey fence and houses and wood huts behind the fence plantation. At the top of the card the words “Plymouth Plantation Fall 1620” appear and fade out. We get a close up of the scene and onto one of the wood huts. One after the other, three golden retrievers pop out of the hut wearing Native Indian feathers and headdress on their head. They run across the plantation and the dog with the feather headdress knocks at a door with his right paw. The door opens and 3 pilgrim dogs come out, two with tall back hats and buckle and one with a white bonnet. They then start to run together and arrive at a forrest learning where a table filled with delicious Thanksgiving food is waiting for them. They all take their place around the table, put their paws together and pray. The scenes fades out to an orange screen and the words two hours later… appear. We then see the 6 dogs with their bellies full, each sleeping and snoring on a stuffed recliner chair in front of a flat screen tv and the final banner appears “there’s nothing like a traditional Thanksgiving!” at the top of the scene and at the bottom “happy Thanksgiving” also appears.
Thanksgiving Pooches