Spooky Halloween Treats for Brother

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The scene opens in a semi dark room with a table and on it are a candelabra, a large silver bowl and a tray. In the background are velvet burgundy curtains in front of a large window. As lightning are striking outside, ghosts are flying about the room and disappearing one after another. Once they are all gone a skeleton appears and he pulls his head off his shoulders and puts it on the table. The skull gives an orange glows as it sits on the table and turns into a punch bowl filled with pumpkin juice as bats fly about the room and the candles are magically lit on the candelabra. The bats turn into bat shaped cookies place themselves on the silver tray. More thunder and the large silver bowl turns into a carved pumpkin and black spiders fill it up and as the thunder cracks again, all the spiders turn into candies inside the pumpkin. As a lightning appears in the back window, we see a witch flying on her broom and then we see her full size in the window with her green face, black robes and large pointy hat. Her eyes go from left to right as she looks at the table and all the goodies and she then opens the window and she takes a bat shaped cookie. As she laughs she brings it to her mouth, giggles and takes a bite of the cookie. The final banner appears with the words may your halloween be full of treats, brother.