Singing Coffee

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This animated ecard begins with an outside view of a diner early in the morning hours where the sun is about to rise. We are in the diner parking lot and with a few cars parked and a sign with the words diner is sitting on top of the restaurant. The scene changes into the interior of the diner with rusty red booths and chairs and orange tables, a counter at the back of the scene with a coffee pot and 2 tall white mugs next to it. In the background we can see the sun rising slowly in the horizon peering through the mountains. We close-up on the pot of coffee, a small container with sugar packets and mug closest to it and the mug has a face with white mustache, eyes and eyebrows, a green vest and a black bowtie. A coffee stick wearing a hat, glasses, white gloves and carrying a stand-up bass slides in from the right and begins to play. The coffee pot lifts itself up and over the mug and fills it up with hot coffee. As the mug fills up, the mug comes to life showing a black mustache and the eyes open, arms and legs pop out and Mug begins to sing. As he sings the sugar packets have come to life as well and are the ladies back vocal singers and their packet color has changed: one is blue, one pink and one white. As Mug sings and moves side to side, the sun begins to rise in the horizon. Next frame we get a close-up on the 3 sugar packet back vocals singing away then a close-up on the stand up bass player. Next we are back to a full view of the Mug and his band. Mug goes on singing and moving side to side. Close up again on the stand up bass player then close up on the back up singers. And we return to the whole band. At “you’re always there for me” we get a close up on our Mug singer with the bass player behind him. Close up on the back vocals singing oo and as they sing we see Mug’s hand clacking his fingers. Back to the full scene and Mug keeps on clacking his fingers as he sings, moving to a quick close up to the bass player and then a close up on Mug once again singing his high notes and the song ends with seeing the whole band smiling away as the sun has fully risen. The final banner in black letters wishing you a wonderful day appears at the top of the screen ending the ecard.
Singing Coffee