Naughty Champagne & Chocolates

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This Valentine’s day ecard begins with a view of a high rise apartment with modern furniture in several shades of mauve. In the background we see the night skyline with high rises with windows lit up. We move into the apartment and on a counter, there is a champagne bottle gentleman with eyes, tuxedo style top with bowtie sitting in a silver bucket filled with ice . At the right side of the background there are pink and mauve heart shaped balloons. Suddenly, a red heart shaped chocolate box with a white ribbon gal slides right next to our Frenchman champagne bottle. She is smiling, has lovely eyes with long eyelashes and purple lipstick on her lips. When our Frenchman champagne bottle says s’il-vous-plaît le cerise, our red heart shaped chocolate box opens her lid for him to see all the chocolates she has inside. As Frenchman champagne bottle gets excited, his cork pops off and champagne comes out of him. He raises his arm up, pulls the light chain and the lights go out and the screen turns black. As we hear them kiss, the words You excite me so much! in pink letters appear on the black screen.
Naughty Champagne & Chocolates