Lizard Congratulations

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Our very green Lounge Lizard with his big green bulbous eyes is on stage at his white piano with sheet music on the music stand under a large spotlight, as he wears an orange suit, white shirt, black bowtie, black shoes and his long tail trailing on the floor behind his stool. Next shot is on his green hands than on his face singing then back to seeing him at this piano as he sings. Next there is an orange phone ringing off the hook, then we see white, red and yellow flowers falling from above as he sings “congratulations”. A table appears then 3 vases appear with beautiful flowers and they disappear making place for 3 platters of beautiful fruits and they disappear as well making place for a yellow cake with lit white candles. The cake disappears and a bucket with 2 bottles of champagne appears along with several glasses. Moving to the next screen with a closeup to 5 lit white candles and they are blown out. Next scene, two champagne bottles pop their cork, then back to the fruit table where each fruit disappears one by one, and back to the cake with a large piece missing then it’s all gone! As Lizard sings a loud high note we see to large speakers jumping up and down with excitement and the feet of a man with black shoes and woman with her shoes dancing, a house dancing and then a police officer knocking at the lounge door and the high note breaks a glass! Back to Lounge Lizard singing at his piano, close-up on his hands playing the piano. When then see the lounge door that opens and the police officer is holding a gift with a red ribbon as he smiles. Final banner:”Congratulations”.
Lizard Congratulations