Joy, Peace & Prosperity

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This Passover photo ecard is a sequence of photos and quotes or words with a Passover theme beginning with the Passover plate with the 5 foods; shank bone, egg, bitter herb, vegetable and sweet paste called haroset. Next to it is a plate with matzah and a silver cup with wine. The next photo is of a bowl of matzoh ball soup with a spoon in it and matzoh next to it and the word “Joy” appears at the bottom. Next is a plate with two pieces of gefilte fish with a slice of carrot on each as well as a dollop of sweet paste. The word “Peace” appears at the side of the plate. To the next photo of a brisket with carrots and the word “Prosperity” is at the bottom of the screen. To the next photo of a table top with the Passover plate, silver cup of wine, two lit candles, a small Torah and a bottle of Manischevitz in the background. To the final photo of several matzoh placed in such a way that they create a star of David with the blue table cloth as background. There is also a yarmulke and a small bag of walnuts in their shell. The following words appear: “Wishing you…” which fades out then, “Chag Pesach Sameach”, fades out and ending with “Happy Passover” with a heart under the words.
Joy, Peace & Prosperity