James Green's Labor Day

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On a beautiful beach with palm trees, we can see islands in the horizon and James Green, our frog singer is cooking flies on a barbecue grill. He is wearing his gold jacket with an apron over and a chef hat, sunglasses and is holding a spatula as he cooks on the grill. As he begins to sing and dance, he moves to another location on the beach where his 5 frog musicians playing guitar and saxophone around James Green as the sun shines brightly in the blue sky. As James sings and dances, his musicians play their instruments and move forward and backward to the beat. He sings and dances and twirls around again and then keeps on dancing. He twirls one more time, turns around and dances lifting his left leg, then his right leg. We get a closeup of James as he says the weekend! Next scene, James Green is standing atop his 5 musicians as they are water skying just like acrobats! James sings with his mic in hand as they water ski on the blue water and we get a closeup of James as they move towards us. Back on the beach, the song ends and our singer falls to his knees as the final banner “Happy labor day” appears in white letters on the screen.
James Green's Labor Day