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The camera pans into a red chicken coop standing inside a fenced farm with grass, the sun, and a windmill in the background. We go inside the chicken coop and there is a chick wearing a black tuxedo jacket and shirt holding a microphone singing, and a rooster wearing a jacket, shirt and tie is accompanying at the piano. Next frame our chick is singing with 3 roosters back vocals wearing jackets and ties and each have a microphone on a stand in front of them singing and moving to the music. Next frame, two roosted with jackets and tie with one playing the trumpet and the other one the stand up bass as our chick appears in a closeup singing away. Next frame, a hen is writing at their desk and two hen dancers with short black wigs, earrings and wearing dresses come and get the hen. We then see the whole band along with keyboard player with our chick singer, and next our two dancers sit the hen on a chair on the stage and put a banner around the hen and a party hat with the words thank you written on it. The chick and the whole band sing around the celebrated hen as balloons fall from above and a sign with the words thank you hangs at the back of the stage.
Hen House Thank You Ecard