Get Well Soon

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This get well soon ecard is a series of images beginning with a blue hot water bottle, then a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup in a light green bowl with a spoon in it sitting on a striped blue drying cloth, a plant in the background as well as salt and pepper shakers. We move on to the next image of a white mug with an embossed heart on it filled with hot tea, a spoon with honey is sitting sideways on top of the mug, a couple of orange slices are at the foot of the mug and the mug is sitting in the middle of a red and blue gingham blanket. Next image, a lovely & steaming cup of tea is sitting on a journal with a pen with a pink silk flower at its top, the whole scene set on a bed with the sun shining on it. The words take time for yourself and…appear at the bottom to then move to the next and final image of 3 rocks sitting on one another and beautiful yellow maple leaves in the background and the words get well soon! end this lovely ecard.
Get Well Soon