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Funny Mothers Day eCards

Funny Mothers Day greetings

Funny Mothers Day greetings

There’s nothing quite like hearing the mothers you know laugh so this Mother’s Day give the moms in your life plenty to chuckle about with our animated Funny Mother’s Day eCards


Whether mom is across the country or under your roof, send her a funny Mother's Day ecard and let her know you want her smiling and enjoying Mother's Day. 

Our Broadway puppy starlet featured in Broadway Puppy for Mom Ecard gives moms instant smiles and strong urges to dance. This talented pup is just one of our many popular and funny animated Mother’s Day eCards. 

Send mom some laughs with our Talking Roll of Toilet paper ecard. It is the perfect reminder of what's important to mom right now. 

Your wife may need some extra beauty and magic right now so we recommend our free and funny Magic Bouquet Greeting Card to honor her on Mother's Day.

Know someone who’s recently become a mom? Hand out some laughs to the new mothers in your life with Baby Tap Dance ecard, one of our humurous Mother’s Day greetings. Featuring a nursery full of talented newborns, this comic eCard features original animation sure to delight any mother.

It's always a good idea to keep sending your mother-in-law hilarious comedy so you can stay on her good side. Share a hearty laugh with your spouse’s mom with the joyful musical production in Mother-in-Law’s Mother’s Day ecard. 

Whether you need a greeting card for your wife, co-worker, mother-in-law, step-mom, best friend, aunt, grandmothers or sister, we've got you covered with our aniamated collection of funny, cute, silly, musical and heartfelt ecards. And don't forget that special first time mom-to-be who could use a little humor and is very excited about her first Mother's Day.

If you need help with to write in your Mother's Day ecards, our staff has created this guide for you: What to Write in a Mother's Day Ecard

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