Easter Fairy

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This animated ecard begins with an envelope with a dark pink rose shaped sticker. The envelope opens up and a card comes out with a painting of a lovely basket with eggs inside sitting on a pale blue table, flowers at the back of the basket and a small silver pot with yellow flower sits next to the basket. One of the eggs begins to shake and crack and a fairy tries to make her way out of the egg, first with her head that popped out still with eggshell on her head, then her right arms comes out. Her left arm comes out holding a magic wand and then her thin and long wings pop out from her back. She then takes flight and we get a full view of the table with basket and flowers and a vase filled with tulips and narcissus at the left of the screen and our fairy moves her wand again and again and sparkles come out her wand. We then get a closeup of our fairy and basket and she once again moves her wand and sparkles fly out and suddenly all the eggs are painted in beautiful Easter hues as well as the eggshell that dresses her! Our fairy then flies at the top of the basket and sits on the handle. She swishes her wand once again and the words “wishing you a beautiful Easter!” in teal letters appear at the right of the screen and over the silver potted yellow flowers.
Easter Fairy