Easter Bluebirds

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This Birthday ecard begins with a pin envelope with a heart sticker sealing it and as it opens up, 2 bluebirds fly out of it and one remains standing on the envelope, looking at us then suddenly, flies off. The first bird returns with a branch of lily of the valley and places it in the envelope. As the bird flies off, the lily of the valley multiply in the envelope by magic. The other bluebird returns with a beautiful daffodil and places it in the envelope along with the lily of the valley. Once again as the bluebird flies off, the daffodil multiplies by magic. The 2 bluebirds return each with a tulip in their beak, one red and one purple, and place them in the envelope. And once again, the tulips multiply in the envelope! One of the bluebirds returns with a white lily and places it inside the edge of the envelope and several lilies fill up the envelope creating a beautiful bouquet. By magic, the envelope turns into a vase, bluebell flowers appear in the bouquet and the two bluebird flies in with a pink ribbon and wrap it around the vase and making a beautiful bow and the fly off screen. The two bluebirds reappear, landing one on the left and the other on right of the vase as the final banner appears with the words wishing you a beautiful Easter.
Easter Bluebirds