Dancing Easter Doggies

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The scene begins on a green Spring lawn with a large and decorated Easter Egg at the center of the screen sitting in with a bunny rabbit the whole sitting in a large Easter plate. As the music begins we move to a stage with lights, light purple velvet curtains at each side of the stage. Light green curtains come down in the background and a pug on his hind legs dressed as a baby duck costume appears on the stage. He tap dances and a chihuahua dressed in as a pink rabbit holding an Easter basket with eggs joins him and tap dances on his hind legs. He burps and a long cane comes out from the left side of the stage and hooks him around the neck and takes him off stage. A Yorkshire dog appears wearing a large Easter egg costume, large sunglasses. He tap dances moving close to our pug with the cake costume. As they dance, the bunny rabbit chihuahua is hanging upside down and lowered down in mid-air smiling and raises his eyebrows up and down, his Easter eggs fall to the ground and crack open to then lifted off the screen. From the right side enters a bulldog wearing a daffodil costume. He joins the 2 other dogs and they tap dance away as the bunny rabbit chihuahua holding his basket of Easter eggs jumps on stage in front of the 3 dancing dogs, slips on the broken eggs and falls off stage. The 3 dogs have Easter baskets appear in their hands then Easter eggs fall from above into their baskets as they dance side to side and our bunny rabbit chihuahua reappears in the forefront with broken eggs all over him! The final banner Have a happy Easter appears at the bottom of the screen.
Dancing Easter Doggies