At the Pub on St. Patrick's Day

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This is an animated ecard with potatoes with big eyes, eyebrows and lips as well as stick arms as the main characters. The ecard opens with a scene inside an Irish pub called The Angry Leprechaun. There is a table at the forefront with 2 potato men and one potato woman — the lady potato is a large red potato with a green beret and pink lipstick, on is a yam a green and brown checker cap and the third potato is a golden potato. Each potato has a beer bock in front of them. At the back is the bar with a stool and the barkeep is a russet potato who is drying beer glasses. As they speak, their eyes, lips and eyebrows are animated. Suddenly, a cheeseburger walks to the bar with big eyes and a mouth, stick arms and legs and wearing crocs! When he says a pint of Guinness, every potato raises their beer bock including the barkeep. The final banner appears with the words “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Go easy on the potatoes!”
At the Pub on St. Patrick's Day