What to Write in a Humorous Coronavirus Quarantine Ecard 

By Chandler Chandler, April 2, 2020

During these tough times, make em laugh. Our staff came up with some chuckles to add to your Covid-19 ecards. 

  1. I just finished Netflix. What have you done lately?

  2. You’ll appreciate the social distance between us because I haven’t showered in a week.

  3. There are so many scary things about Coronavirus like my real hair color.

  4. I’ve created imaginary co-workers to blame for the messy office and low toilet paper supply. 

  5. Dating was never easier, it’s not ghosting, it’s social distancing. 

  6. I just put on make-up to go to the kitchen. Where are you going today?

  7. I’ve learned so much about Coronavirus like how much I love to touch my [email protected]#cking face!

  8. Remember the good ole days when washing your hands was shorter than The Irishman?

  9. My itinerary for today:
    Wake up

    Don’t die 

    How’s your day going?

  1. With all the time saved driving my kids around, I’m getting to know my husband, he seems nice.

  2. Let’s all take our stimulus checks and buy Disneyland.

  3. A moment of silence for all working moms who are homeschooling their kids…

  4. I’m taking this time to figure out my next travels - El bathroom, Las Kitchones, St. Patio. Where's your next trip to?

  5. I know it’s your birthday but technically you can postpone it for another year and not age.

  6. First, a moment of silence for all working moms who are homeschooling their kids…

  7. I’m thinking about you...OK I was thinking about the Coronavirus…

  8. I just traded my work clothes for Purell and toilet paper. What are you up to?

  9. I’m in my wedding dress eating the kids cereal. How’s it going at your house?

  10. Remember the good ole days when your family left the house?

  11. How’s quarantining?