What to Write in a Coronavirus Quarantine Ecard When Someone is Ill

By Chandler Chandler, April 2, 2020

It's not always easy to know what to say to someone who is ill with the Coronavirus. Whether it is your mom, dad, wife, husband, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent, friend, neighbor or co-worker you undoubtedly want to make this special person feel inspired and cared for by your greeting card message.

Wishing the ill person peace, comfort and coziness as they recover is a good way to start your ecard message. Additionally, acknowledging well wishes for the recovery they must go through can also be comforting. If your friend co-worker and familly member is suffering from more serious Covaid-19 symptoms, wishing them time to heal can feel genuine, encouraging and comforting.

Here are some greeting ecard messages from our Doozycards staff to help you connect with the people you care for during this difficult time: 

1. Healing takes time. Let rest heal you and feel better soon. 

2. Thinking of you and your courage in this battle for your health. May you feel better soon. 

3. Thinking of you and sending caring prayers that you stay cozy and comfy as you heal. 

4. Sending you smiles and wishes for a cozy and warm recovery. 

5. Wishing you a recovery full of strength and peace. 

6. Wishing you comfort, support and courage. Thinking of you as you heal. 

7. We love and care about you and send you wishes to get well soon. 

8. Feel better soon. Sending you sweet wishes for a cozy and comfortable recovery.