Top Ten Messages of Appreciation to Write in a Father's Day Ecard

By Chandler Chandler - June 9, 2020

Social distance all you want but get close and intimate with dad this Father’s Day. With the Coronavirus and nationwide uprisings, there is no better time to love dad. Even if your relationship is troubled, there comes a time to find common ground so seize this opportunity to honor dad with your sincere appreciation for all he has done.

When you have nothing to say to your dad, create comradeship by finding common ground between you and him. Pick one of our cards, and share memories, private jokes, gratitudes and or even a list of what dad has taught you to enjoy.

Tough times call for big love connections, so remember anything goes this year. And without further adieu, our Doozycards top ten list of things to tell dad in his Father’s Day greeting card. 

  1. One hug from you and all my troubles melt. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  2. We may not be a heart on our sleeve family but I want you to know I’m filled with gratitude for everything you have done for me. Thank you dad. 
  3. You taught me there is no better time to grill burgers outside than the dead of winter.  Your example has made me the amazing person and grill master I am today.
  4. Thank you for patiently teaching me so many things like learning to drive. It’s your patience I remember when I’m trying to be calm with my own kids.
  5. Because of you, I waited for the right man and I’ll always love you for that.
  6. Remember to get personal and give dad credit. Share some things you succeeded in because of his parenting and thank him.
  7. Share an anecdote or funny personal joke. Let him know he’s been a great father and friend.
  8. Write down a list of things he did for you and let him know, you appreciate all the time he has invested in you.
  9. Looking back I realize you were always there for me even when I was a teenager and pretending I didn’t know you. I’m so proud to be seen with you today dad.
  10. And a drum roll for the best three words to say to dad…I love you.