Top 5 Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for 2013


Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us once again just like Cupid and his stealthy arrows, but are you ready for romance? You’ve bought more predictable, last-minute bouquets of roses in the past than you care to admit, so it’s time to think outside of the boring box of chocolates this year. Make this year one to remember, without breaking the bank, with these Top 5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2013:

1.     Get Creative with Chocolate

Don’t be a fool for love and think you can get away from satisfying your valentine’s sweet tooth this year. Instead of the typical heart-shaped box of chocolates, venture into creative culinary territory with unique and delicious treats like gourmet artisanal chocolates from Mast Brothers Chocolates. Raise the chocolate bar even higher by making your own chocolate treats for your sweetheart! Use high-quality cocoa, fresh ingredients and his or her favorite flavors to create chocolates that will impress their taste buds and warm their hearts.

2.     Deliver Your Heartfelt Thoughts with eCards

If you have time to train a dove that will carry your Valentine’s Day card to your special someone, than by all means let your love fly. But if you’re looking to deliver a Valentine’s Day greeting that doesn’t require any clean up, how about sending clever and hilarious Valentine’s Day eCards. From the sweet and sincere to the naughty and silly, online Valentine’s Day greetings are the perfect way to play modern day Romeo without having to worry about Mr. Postman losing your letter for your baby.

3.     Make Dinner Instead of Reservations

While others are scrambling for a last-minute seat at the trendiest restaurants for Valentine’s Day, you can skip the candlelit schmaltz and cook your heartthrob a feast to remember. There’s no need to attempt top chef mastery by preparing an overly elaborate and complicated meal that involves 400 ingredients. Instead keep the cooking simple, yet thoughtful and choose one of your valentine’s favorite dishes. And why not make your romantic dinner for two an eco-friendly feast by using locally grown ingredients for your Valentine’s Day recipes?

4.     Buy Sustainable Flowers for Your Sweetheart

Why not add a bit of green to your red this year and pick out a bouquet of sustainably grown flowers for Valentine’s Day this year? Over 187 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day alone, according to the Society of American Florists, and only a small portion are grown organically or sustainably. Conventionally grown flowers, sprayed with pesticides and shipped from across the globe leave a rather unromantic impact on the environment. Show your special someone how much you care by opting for an eco-friendly organic bouquet for Valentine’s Day. And think beyond the generic red rose, and instead choose a unique selection of flowers or a living plant that will stand out from the rest of the bunch.

5.     Plan A Romantic Stay-cation or Neighborhood Adventure

If you’re feeling lavish this Valentine’s Day, but don’t have time to travel far, whisk your valentine to a pampering hotel near your home. Choose a spot that offers spa treatments and room service, so that you and your love can indulge yourselves and stoke the flames of romance. Or if you and your special someone would prefer to go out and paint the town red, plan a special night out for a neighborhood adventure. Think beyond the typical dinner and a movie combo, and find a fun spot for live jazz, swing dancing or a new museum exhibition. Just don’t forget to bring those sustainable flowers and homemade chocolates along for the adventure!


Chandler Chandler is a mom with 3 boys who started Doozy Cards with her Dad in 2003. Since that time, she has been writing, chauffeuring kids, and, with a small team of creative friends she has created over 1,600 original eCards, including popular Valentine’s Day eCards, with the  intention of uplifting each person who views their work.

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