Happy Year of the Rabbit eCard

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This is an animated ecard and the opening scene takes place in a small village in China with little houses and an orange dragon flows through the village in an undulating way and when he passes by a cherry tree, it blossoms with pink flowers and red Chinese New Year money envelopes also appear and are hanging all over the tree. The dragon continues his journey in the little village and we see a lady sweeping her house’s front door and as the dragon passes by, red lanterns appear and are hanging on her house’s roof overhang. She looks up at the lanterns and smiles with delight. The dragon arrives at the village’s fountain that has a golden statue of a rabbit with water coming out of its mouth at its center and lit red candles all around the fountain and we see the little houses in the background. As the dragon passes by the fountain, the water coming out of the rabbit statue changes into gold coins! Night time darkens the sky as the gold coins flow out from the statue filling up the fountain, fireworks appear in the sky and the final banner in red appears with the words GUNG HAY FAT CHOY in white letters as the dragon shows its smiling face at the right side of the screen.
Happy Year of the Rabbit eCard