Halloween Party Ideas for a Spooky 2012


Halloween always brings out the kid in all of us. And what better way to frighten and amuse all of your friends, and show off your clever costume, then by hosting a haunted Halloween party this year. Whether you’re planning a delightfully frightful and fun-filled party for the kids or are looking to raise some spirits with a grown-up Halloween bash, here are some essential ideas for a spectacularly spooky shindig for 2012.

1. Raising the Dead: Send Spine-Chilling Invitations

Between trick-or-treating and other holiday parties, people’s Halloween plans tend to get busy quickly. So, be sure to give your guests plenty of time to prepare their ghoulish and glamorous costumes by sending an invitation early. While you could rely upon well-trained vampire bats to deliver your invites, you might be better off casting your spell by sending Halloween eCards to your guests.

2. Frightening or Funny: Choosing a Wicked Halloween Party Theme

A critical first step for hosting a devilishly successful Halloween party is choosing a brilliant theme for your guests. For the kids, a haunted house full of ghosts, cobwebs and creepy crawlers is sure to get them shrieking with laughter. And don’t forget to include plenty of fun activities like face painting, decorating Halloween cookies, or build-your-own scarecrow.

With the recent trend of prohibition-era speakeasies appearing in bars across the country, a vintage Halloween theme is sure to inspire some dashing costumes for your adult guests. Let their retro imagination run wild by dressing up as classic movie monsters like Dracula, The Invisible Man or The Bride of Frankenstein, while drinking potent potions and old-school cocktails. Or you could go for a more terrifyingly topical theme with the upcoming presidential elections and encourage your friends to dress as their favorite or most frightening political characters.

3. Tricks and Treats: Let Them Eat Brains!

No Halloween party would be complete without plenty of supernatural sweets. Fill plastic pumpkins, skulls and cauldrons with candy and place them throughout the house for guests to sink their fangs into. Or you could impress your friends with your culinary wizardry and bake kooky cookies, cupcakes covered with spiders and skulls, or a bloody red-velvet cake. And if you’re planning a bewitching Halloween dinner for your guests, consider tantalizing their possessed palates with pumpkin raviolis or monster mash-ed potatoes.

You’ll also want to stock up on plenty of Halloween drinks to refresh those thirsty fiends. Shake off the chills of an eerie autumn evening with hot apple cider for the kids and mulled wine for the grown-ups. And if you’re having an adult Halloween party, consider a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar for the bloodsuckers, a cauldron of Corpse Reviver Punch or some frightening Dark and Stormys.

4. Dangerous Decorations: What to Hang from Your Haunted Halls

Carving some delightfully spooky Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween goes without saying, but what else can you do to devilishly deck out your Halloween party? Hanging cobwebs, bats and scarecrows is a classic approach, but you could also use construction paper to cut out some creepy shadows of ghosts on the walls. Or maybe stuff some old clothes to create bloody-severed limbs sprawled across the lawn and hide speakers in the backyard to frighten your guests with a blood-curdling soundtrack and scary sounds in the darkness.

Whether you choose to scare the living daylights out of your guests in your haunted house or entertain them with spirits and a classic theme, your Halloween party is sure to be a scream. Just be sure to send your sinister or frighteningly funny Halloween eCards to invite your friends early before the walking dead wander off somewhere else. And stock up on plenty of otherworldly treats and refreshments to keep your ghastly ghouls and gals from heading to the afterlife.


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