We have 2 ways to learn how to send free ecards from our website:

  1. Watch our How to set up a free trial video:
    Click on “How Do I Set Up a Free Trial?”

  2. Read our instructions below on 3 types of Doozycards membership:

Type 1: Open a 10 Day Free Trial Membership:

The Free Trial allows you to send an unlimited amount of Doozy Premier Cards from our entire inventory FREE for a trial period of 10 days.  If you continue your membership longer than the 10 day trial period, you will be charged our annual subscription price of $24 and your account will become a Premier Account.

Type 2: Open a Premier Membership:

Membership will allow you to send any card on our website as often as you wish for a whole year. Sign up for a 10 Day Free Trial first (see instructions above). The Trial will automatically convert to your Premier Membership at the end of the 10 Days; you don’t have to do anything once the Trial begins. The Premier Membership costs $24 for the whole year. There are no other charges of any kind for using the site.

If you open a Premier account, your sign-up money is feeding hot meals to homebound seniors and disabled citizens.  We give money from each and every Premier Membership sign-up to St. Vincent's Meals on Wheels.  They provide hot meals daily to homebound seniors and disabled citizens.  They do a wonderful job honoring special dietary requests and feeding and nourishing thousands of people. You are changing the world with your generosity. 

Type 3: No membership is needed to send cards from the Free Cards page:

Our Free ecards are just that, Free! You do not need to sign up for anything to send one. Simply click on the card of your choice marked "Free" or found on our Free Ecard pages, and fill in the sending information and your personal message. Then click Send and off it goes!

Open a Free Membership to use our Reminders system for free Birthday, Anniversary & Holiday reminders

To open a free membership sign up for a 10 Day Free Trial, using the orange Sign Up button at the top right of the Home Page. Cancel your free trial right away; there will be no charge made. You will now have a password protected free membership and may use all our reminders, send free ecards from our Free Ecard pages, and use your personal address book, all with no charge. Make sure you log in and then click on "My Profile" in the orange menu bar to find the "Reminders" menu item and page.

If you have any questions you can always reach us at [email protected]


The Doozy Staff