Enjoy your Memorial Weekend

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This Memorial Day weekend ecard is animated where we have a dog on an island by the ocean sleeping in a hammock hung on two palm trees and the dog is wearing a straw hat. There is a barbecue cooking, a large bucket of ice with beers in it sitting under the hammock and a little hut in the background with a seagull sitting on the roof. There is a dolphin jumping out of the water with another dog on its back. Then, the scene changes still with our dog sleeping in the hammock wearing sunglasses, no more straw hat and the house is modern in a backyard and the seagull is on the roof, the palm trees changes to maple trees and there is a large red and white gingham laid down on the grass. The neighboring dog is mowing the grass sitting on his mower tractor as the seagull flies away. We move to the final screen all white with the words Happy Memorial Day in red letters. The words disappear and are replaced by “enjoy you weekend”.
Enjoy your Memorial Weekend