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    Dionne Warwick's Valentine Song

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    This is an animated ecard with Dionne Warwick singing her Valentine’s day song. The setting is in front of a florist shop with beautiful flowers in buckets outside the shop, a red sign at the top of the store with the word florist written on it with a flower print on each side of the word and from outside we can see Dionne Warwick inside the shop. As the music begins, a sweet blue bird holding a red rose flies on the scene, goes to the florist’s front door which opens for the bird. We then see the inside of the shop with Dionne dressed with a beautiful long red dress with a belt at the waist in a lighter shade of red, red shoes and she holds a red rose in her right hand. There are 2 sweet puppies closer to Dionne and the shop is filled with Valentine’s day decorations and balloons as well as glass window flower fridge where you can see buckets of flowers. When the blue bird flies inside, he puts the rose he has in his beak on Dionne’s head and as the blue bird puts the flower on her head, she lifts her left hand to touch it. As she begins to sing, Dionne places the rose from her hand in a glass vase on the counter next to her. The blue bird flies by with another rose in its beak and puts it in the vase, flies off screen and comes back with a light pink rose, gives it to Dionne and she puts it in the vase. Blue bird flies back once again with a red rose and baby’s breath and puts it in the vase. As Dionne sings she moves to the beat and looks at the blue bird and now a white cat appears on the counter with flowers as well as the blue bird and both put flowers in the vase. On a shelf above the counter are 2 sweet white mice carrying more roses and baby’s breath and we get a close up on them as well as the cat and flower vase. The mice add the flowers and we get a beautiful shot of the vase filled with gorgeous Valentine’s day roses next to Dionne. Dionne moves to the beat and we get a wider shot of her and one of the puppies with cute pink bows on their ears and a red ribbon in their mouth comes to her, gets on their hind legs and Dionne bends down to take the ribbon. All the while, the two white mice are walking on the counter with a pink sign with red trimming and words in red letters saying happy valentine’s day. Dionne ties the red bow on the flower vase and the mice put the sign next to the vase. As the song ends, the mice leave the counter and we get a closer shot of the vase and card as our blue bird reappears and lands on the shelf right above the card and vase.
    Dionne Warwick's Valentine Song