Abba Cats - 40th Birthday Celebration

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This animated birthday ecard begins with the screen split in 4 squares each with a wrapped gift then each gift turns in to yummy and colorful birthday cakes then each cake turns into the Kitty Abba-esque band made of 2 females and 2 males cats. We see them from the chest up in each of their squares. One female has long blond hair, a pink and light turquoise top and she holds a mic. The other female has a black hair bob and a pink and turquoise top and she also holds a mic. One make has a teal top and brown hair and the other male has blond hair and a dark mauve top. The scene moves to a stage with a very high white staircase, a yamahaha keyboard, 2 large hanging disco balls and on each side of the stairwell are 3 white and pink cake like decorations with each one tall pink candle atop. We see our 4 Abba-esque birthday kiddies at the top of the stairs (they are actually wearing jumpsuits) going down the stairs next to each other. The two ladies are in the middle and the 2 gentlemen on each side of the ladies. They sing as they come down the stairs, the kitty with the guitar plays on and once at the bottom of the stairs, the brown haired kitty goes to the keyboard to play it. We get a closeup of the guitar player, then the keyboard player then the 2 lady singers. They dance and bob side to side as they sing and play and at the end of the song the 2 ladies do a split! The final banned appears at the top with the words happy 40th birthday in a light gradient lavender.
Abba Cats - 40th Birthday Celebration