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My favorite of all the cards would have to be the Lounge Lizard and that gorgeous singing of his. The animation is wonderful and the way the whole thing comes together is brilliant. Please pass my compliments on to the creator because their work really stands out. - KIM

HILARIOUS!!! - Larry

"I like your e-cards because they're different. I like that they're funny, and unconventional. " - SNOW

This is the best thing ever!! We love it and will continue to use it year after year. It saves us money and time!! - Michael and Heidi

“WOW! Regardless of who or why I have sent feedback or tech support questions to I have NEVER had such a quick reply or even had a REAL person reply within the first three days! I am SO impressed. AND you are so personable! This is almost as good as the cards on your site!” - TARINI

“I am so happy, so happy to be able to thank you with a wide smile and happiness in my heart for Raj. The birthday creation starting with “Get down with your own bad self” and culminating in the wild send-up of the traditional Indian music warbles that shocks the mouse sent us HOWLING, doubled over in laughter. Every friend we send it to has the same response. It is by far the funniest card we have ever seen. It is perfection, absolutely marvelous in every detail. Thank you, thank you for the bliss.” - SUSIE

“I must say you really made me have a good laugh, and did I need that. “ - JEANNE

“It appears that everyone affiliated with this site are obviously dedicated in working within the fine arts field. I support that 100%. I will be purchasing the "Premium" version and look forward to viewing and sending your "cardtoons" to my friends and family. They have all expressed their desire to open my already creative e mail. I can't wait to hear their reaction when they receive a "Doozycard." In my very strong opinion, your cardtoons are the best I've seen yet! Keep truckin!” - KAREN

"Excellent site, great selection and easy to use... i will defianetly be recommending this site to all my friends and family!! A - Mr. MGP