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Welcome to Doozycards!  I'm Chandler Chandler, one of the writers at Doozycards.   In 2003, my father and I wanted to make greeting cards because they are one of the only products that create special moments between people and bring them closer together.  So with the idea of making someone's day better, we started Doozycards.   We wanted to turn our love of creativity into an ecard company which uplifts and serves people.  We aim to create ecards, which will help you stay connected with friends and family and allow you to show them you care.  Whether you're sending a Doozy ecard down the street or across the world, our mission is to help you experience joy in your personal relationships.


Doozy Cards President, Chandler Chandler

 Chandler Chandler

We are so grateful to all of our wonderful customers who write us regularly and let us know what kinds of cards they want and who also send Doozycards.  Millions of Doozycards have been sent around the world. 




Bennett recording a card

Here is my good friend Bennett Schneider. He is our Creative Director. We are so grateful to have such a big talent working with us on a daily basis.   Bennett went through the famous Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles.  He also performs with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, staring in their Youth Concert Series at Disney Concert Hall and in the Hollywood Bowl Children Series during the summers.  Bennett, my dad, Mukti and I write most the ecards on the site. Bennett is the voice of our Gecko, Larry the Lobster, Stan the Seagull, Ollie the owl, and presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama!! 


Here is Mukti, our Music Director, vocalist on many of the musical Doozy cards and the author of the poetic words you see on our photographic cards with sincere, mature sentiments like the "Across the Miles" series. With focus on character voices for animation, she is the voice of characters from "My Little Pony", "Melody Street", Smart-e-bear" and many others. And she sings beautifully as the Singing Malties, Singing Cupcakes, and all the charming French Singing Doggies!!  

Mukti la Chanteuse





What a great gang of animators! A friendlier, more heartfelt group could not be found. We are so grateful for their wit, skill, and willingness to be patient with our perfectionist requests for minute detail. Thanks Fred, Caroline and Josh!Doozycards has been our labor of love since we launched in 2003. Our goal is simply to provide the world’s best online greeting cards and services for you. I really do believe people who sign up with us deserve this level of care.HeartHeartWhen you sign up for a Doozycards Premier Membership a portion of the proceeds go to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, the largest privately funded meals program in the US. To learn more about Meals on Wheels Click Here: StVincentMoW.orgWe appreciate hearing from you so please don’t hesitate to contact me with your comments and suggestions.

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