What to Write in a Birthday Ecard

By Chandler Chandler, March 20, 2020

Are you looking to communicate and connect in a truthful and heartleft way with your family and friends? 

 Birthdays are a time to celebrate friends, family, and anyone we want to share  a heartfelt connection with whether they are close or afar. Letting these people know how much you care is a big part of their special birthday. Showing them how you care through perfectly chosen words matters. Your friend, family member or colleague will appreciate the time you spent to honor their special day in a heartfelt way. 

Our staff has compiled some birthday expressions to let those you need to know how dear and heartefl they remain to you with each passing birthday:

  • May the year ahead be full of adventure and love from every source your heart finds valuable. Happy birthday dear (insert friend, family member or colleague's name).
  • On this special day the flowers are more beautiful, the sky more blue and life today more exubillient because it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday to a dear (insert friend, family member or colleague).
  • I wish for you today, for all your desires and beautiful birthday wishes to bear fruit in the coming year ahead. Happy Birthday to a being even the cosmos bows down to. 

Are you looking to add humor and make someone laugh on their birthday?

Birthdays are a time to reflect in a comical way on life and how we turn older yet still can laugh at ourselves for how we act, especially when we don’t act our age. Let your friends, co-workers, and family members know how comical it can be to take another spin around the sun.

 Here is some comedy to insert into your birthday cards to add a few chuckles:

  • You deserve to have the best in life, that’s why you have me. 
  • You do not age at all! Please return this compliment on my birthday.
  • Happy birthday from my entire butt. I can’t say heart because my butt is bigger :)!
  • Happy birthday to someone who looks so hot. Quick blow out those candles. 
  • Growing old is not easy but it sure beats the only other option. 
  • Here’s a little birthday advice:
    One, forget the past, it’s over.
    Two, forget the present, you’re not getting one.

Are you looking for what to write when someone is celebrating a milestone birthday? Look no further we’ve compiled the perfect words to say in their card. 

  • It’s your 16th birthday, let’s celebrate life and make bad choices!
  • While you are reading this birthday card, I am drinking the six pack I got you. Happy 21st birthday!
  • Happy 21st Beer-day!
  • For your 50th I was going to send you a sexy gift but the postman told me to get out of the mailbox
  • If you were a dog, you’d be dead by now. Happy 60th birthday!
  • If you were a wine, you’d be so fine right now. Happy 70th (80th, 90th, 100th)  birthday!

Chandler Chandler is a writer and founder of Doozycards. She started creating ecards with her family and friends in 2003.


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