1. Beer


2. Pornographic Trucker hat


3. Personalized monster truck.


4. Sports Team (for those with unlimited budgets)


5. Beer


6. Hat that holds beer cans with tubes to mouth


7. Motorcycle with fiberglass nude-woman chassis


8. Diesel powered Lazy Boy


9. One dozen bacon doughnuts


10. Butt-to-engine fart-converting fuel hose

Buying dad a Father's Day gift, should be fun.  Gifts for dad can be humorous like the above  Dad's day gifts or they can be more practical such as an attractive piece of clothing.  Buying or making gifts for dad is a way to honor dad for all the hard work he does for the family.  My boys like to make their dad cards to give as Father's Day gifts.  My boys never have much interest in serious Father's Day gifts but they do take an interest in making dad a gift.  They are always so proud when they give their dad the cards they made. They are eager to explain what each picture is and why they drew it for their dad.