Top 5 Fun Halloween Ideas For 2012


Halloween serves up plenty of spooky sights and sounds, but there’s also lots of fun to be had for the holiday that delivers more delight than fright for your friends and family. From devilishly delicious dinner ideas to family-friendly activities, for those looking to ditch the tricks and enjoy the treats, here are the Top 5 Fun Halloween Ideas for 2012!

5. Build Your Own Silly Scarecrow

We’ve all seen frightening scarecrows on Halloween, but you can also build a scarecrow to bring more laughs than shrieks to the neighborhood. To begin, gather a collection of clothes that are destined for the donation bin, and find plenty of stuffing material, either straw, leaves or old pillows and clothes. Then dress your scarecrow to look like your favorite storybook or movie characters, design clever arrangements for them on your lawn or have a scarecrow-making competition.

4. Send Your Friends and Family Funny Halloween eCards

Scare up plenty of laughs by sending your ghoulish gang some hilarious Halloween eCards. You might not be able to trick-or-treat at everyone’s door this year, so use the holiday messages to reach out to friends and family who live far away. And don’t forget to also send some devilishly delightful greetings to those in the neighborhood who could use some light-hearted fun for Halloween.

3. Cook A Terrifyingly Tasty Halloween Dinner

Invite your friends over for a homemade feast full of creative Halloween recipes. With a bit of Halloween magic you can transform ordinary dishes into spooky treats like a bowl of spaghetti that resembles brains or guts, or a delicious pumpkin soup served in a jack-o-lantern. You could also host a make-your-own pizza or cupcake party and let your guests create their own silly or creepy designs.

2. Pumpkin Decorating Party

Pick up plenty of small or medium-sized pumpkins at your local farm stand and invite your friends over to make their own jack-o-lanterns. Grown-ups or well-supervised kids could carve some gruesomely goofy designs in their pumpkins or you could go the safer route and provide paint, markers and other crafty materials (feathers, glitter, etc.) to decorate the outside of the pumpkins.

1. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Plan a spook-tacular scavenger hunt around your house or around the neighborhood to coincide with trick-or-treating. Hiding candy is a classic option, but you could also have players find and photograph a list of Halloween favorites they’re likely to spot like jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, skeletons and more. And encourage participants to find the funniest costumes or Halloween decorations around the neighborhood.

There’s plenty of fun to be had on Halloween, so use these ideas as an inspiration to create your own awesome Halloween celebration. Remember to skip the tricks, stay safe and enjoy plenty of treats. Happy Halloween!


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