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Free Thanksgiving eCards

Free Thanksgiving eCards

Hold on to your pumpkin pie, it's that time to send holiday blessings to family and friends from our Horn of Plenty full of Happy Thanksgiving eCards.  

Fall is the time of year when we connect with friends and family by sending  festive cards celebrating this harvest season. 

Here is our fun guide for how to write a thoughtful Thanksgiving personal message:

If you want to know how you can send a holiday card on Doozy, watch this guide:

This holiday season focus on giving and gratitude. This can be at face value or depending on your circumstances could mean mirth and mayhem. If your special day is leaning towards a humor for your more raucous friends and relatives, we have the perfect ecards for you:

  • Alfred Hopscotch Turkey Terror – Nice holiday, shame about the wife.
  • Magic Cornucopia– We should all be so lucky to have a fairy like her to give us a hand, or ahem...wand, in the kitchen.
  • Turkey Reprieve – the leader of the free world performs his solemn annual chore.
  • CSI Thanksgiving – This episode’s victim is the turkey, whose organs have been removed and replaced with fruit and bread.
  • Turkey Trot – A card with an interactive game and harder than it looks! (Don’t get so carried away trying to win that you forget to send the game)
  • The First Black Friday - Send a few chuckles with these Pilgram dogs who make it to Best Buyer for their flat screen TV's. 

What would a fall greeting be without the occasional fart joke. We all know the gas starts after the pumpkin pie. Here, we have the Pilgrim Fart, where we learn the origin of having roast turkey on this most gracious of holidays, and the hilarious farting turkey, who provides an alternative explanation.

Since this day is about traditiaonal, there are those among your friends and relatives who might appreciate more sentimental greetings. They, along with your pastor, your teacher, your boss or the elderly neighbor down the street, might be more appreciative of one of our more traditional turkey day cards.

A Warm and Lovely Day is a one-size-fits all e greeting that is suitable for friends and family of all ages. Beautiful scenery and a warm sentiment are expressed to classical music. Sometimes you have to sing for your dinner and this musical Funny Dinner sings their heart out with a comical pumpkin pie. Singer Dionne Warwick makes a cameo appearance in Dionne’s Holiday Wish.

The Gizzard of Oz is the perfect laugh to send loved ones who are far away, as is the more heartfelt Thanksgiving Across the Miles for those we love who are far away.

Our mission is to help you create seasonal memories with Happy Thanksgiving ecards for the special people you love. Spreading thanks as sweet as pumpkin pie is simple with our funny, gorgeous and charming animated messages.  Let our Talking Corn on the Cob deliver your corny expression. Create joy during this holiday season with our online Thanksgiving cards and connect with those near and across the miles!

Due to Covid, we may be hosting an online holiday. If you won't see your friends and family we have created a helpful guide to help you connect called What Messages to Write in a Thanksgiving card. If you want to send your friends a thoughful endearment but don't know what to write, we've done all the thinking for you. From religious, to funny, for co-workers, to heartfelt, our staff have created just the right words to connect you with your loved ones. 

Let us not forget our friends in Canada this holiday season, who celebrate their own harvest season (or, in Canadian French, Jour de l’Action de Grâce) on the second Monday of October. As in the United States, it is a statutory holiday in most provinces, proclaimed by the Canadian Parliament on January 31, 1957. The history of this celebration in Canada dates back to 1578 and Martin Frobisher’s quest for the Northwest Passage. In Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, observance is optional. If you have friends or relatives in Canada, October makes a perfect opportunity for sending greetings online. In fact, October is a great time to send free greeting cards to anybody, anywhere, just because you feel like it.

Wish those you care about a beautiful Thanksgiving  Also, when you think about it, this hoilday is the kick-off to the Christmas season; what better way to kick off a new friendship, make a peace offering or get off on the right foot with new work colleagues.

Although the celebration originated in North America, our online greetings are nothing if not multicultural. The omniscient elephant, Raj, has some sage advice for us all. Is he telling us how to season our turkey? You will have to inspect this character for yourself. The Rasta Turkey Workout, on the other hand, offers some hints for an alternative harvest season feast.  Fifi the poodle dog's wisdom offers the French take on what to be grateful for.

Here’s something else to be thankful for, your 10-day free trial starts as soon as you sign up. 



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